Coping Mechanisms.

"There was a dead prostitute in my bathtub... I'll have a drink first..."

An Anvil of NIght, A Hammer for Dawn, 2018



Born in South Jersey in the late Summer of '86. Currently living in Pennsylvania. Most known for the books that make up "The Mire Man Trilogy", his autobiographical tome, "The Slut Always Rides Shotgun", and several volumes of poetry and short stories, Matthes has been writing for a little over twenty years, but only somewhat recently having tapped into the world of self-publishing. Rather than limiting himself with writing one single genre, Matthes prefers to explore as many topics and themes as possible, while lyrcizing those themes through as many different genres as he can.

From Life to the Blank Page

Working during the day, and in many cases all through the night, working in various forms of construction, Matthes drives or flies from state to state; travels which he draws much of his inspiration from that oftentimes bleeds quite literally onto the blank page to form what eventually becomes a novel or work of poetry.  

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